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Kayanoya has flavored life in Japan since the 1800s. Help us celebrate our first year in America, and we'll send you the gifts!

Use your gift of Kayanoya Original Dashi Stock Powder to enhance the taste of any miso soup. Simply add one packet of dashi, stir, and enjoy.

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Boil two cups of water, add a packet of Original Vegetable Stock Powder, then add onions to taste. Serve with toast for a quick, satisfying, and healthy meal.

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About Kayanoya

The Kayanoya brand originated with a soy sauce manufacturer that was established in 1893.
Soy sauce is a traditional seasoning that has been handed down in Japan since time immemorial.
In order to better showcase the wisdom and technique behind this seasoning, we started a natural food restaurant called Kayanoya. These flavors gave birth to the Kayanoya brand products.

Carrying on the legacy of Japan's magnificent food culture shaped by the country's unique history and natural features,
Kayanoya has developed a variety of seasonings and food products with the goal of sharing this legacy with future generations.

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