The Kayanoya


We believe that truly great food is born from the connection between the bounty of nature and the care which people take to select and prepare it. When we nurture a single seedling - treat it with respect and gratitude-- we help create a world which rewards us with exquisite taste and natural goodness. As every season passes, bringing the magic of a fresh experience to every corner of the world, we celebrate anew our deep connection to nature. Whatever cuisine we choose has the capacity to make us happy, not only because it's infused with nutritious ingredients, but also because of the loving energy with which it's prepared. Through new dishes and new flavors which richly repay the time and effort taken to make them, we savor a life filled with natural richness, and serve a little joy.

Our Story

The Heart of Kayanoya

Our Unique Commitment to Fresh New Cuisine

From Japan to Your Home

A Kayanoya Concept

Give Everyone More Time to Enjoy Great Food

Good Food Begins with the Right Ingredients

We start by selecting our ingredients with extraordinary care.  We visit farmers and other suppliers throughout Japan personally, and we choose only the very best.  We know the precise source of every ingredient--and then we work to find the best way to bring out the rich flavor and essence of each one.

Our Chefs Work for You

Our professional chefs strive to discover the perfect tastes--and then make it easy to reproduce those flavors at home.

The Season is on your Table

We incorporate fresh ingredients that reflect each season, reproducing the authentic tastes of traditional Japan.

For a More Healthy Life

Quality food every day is vital for a healthy life. We offer choices that are both enjoyable to make, and delicious to eat.

Traditions for the Future

To ensure that we continue to pass down all the traditions of fine cuisine, we strive to preserve the knowledge and livelihoods of skilled craftspeople. It is their expertise and care that makes Kayanoya products special.