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How to use Dashi Products


    There are two ways to prepare Kayanoya stocks.  If your dish requires clear stock, use Method 1.  If your dish does not require clear stock, use either Method 1 or Method 2.  Both methods result in full-flavor in the stock.

    Method 1: Infusion

    One packet per 1 3/4 cups water (400 ml) for regular strength dashi or two packets per 2 cups water (500 ml) for harty dashi.

    Place water and unopened packet in saucepan.  Bring water to simmer over medium heat, and hold temperature for 2 minutes. 

    Remove and discard the packet(s).  Stock is ready to use.

    Method 2: Inclusion
    (Produces stock with powdered particles)

    Place water in saucepan.  Tear packet and empty the contents into the saucepan.  Bring water to simmer over medium heat, stirring occasionally, and hold temperature for 2 minutes.  Stock is ready to use.


    You can add dashi powder directly to dishes for a suprising flavor boost.  Add dashi directly to stir-fried dishes... use as a rub for meat, poultry or seafood... add to pasta or pasta sauces... use as a seasoning for rice and grains, hamburger and more... sprinkle on pizza dough before baking. 
    Then use your imagination!


    • a. Prepared stock stays fresh for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator.

    • b. Open the foil bag and remove only the packets you need.  Immediately press bag to remove air, and close as tightly as possible.  Store in a cool, dry space.  Refrigeration is not recommended.