Roast Chicken with Turnip

Roast Chicken with Turnip


2-4 Servings

Vegetable Pot au Feu
    • 2-4 cups Kayanoya Original Dashi Stock (regular-strength dashi)

    • 2 Daikon Radishes

    • 2 Turnips, Peeled

    • 4 Broccoli Rabe

Roast Chicken
    • 1 Whole Chicken

    • 4 Large Shiitake Mushrooms, chopped

    • 3 tbs Virgin Olive Oil

    • 2 Packets Kayanoya Original Dashi Stock Powder, removed from packet

    • bunch Basil

    • bunch Rosemary

    • bunch Thyme

    • 1 1/2 cups Green Peas

    • 200ml water

    • 2 tbs White Miso or Saikyo-Miso

    • bunch Water Cress

Prepare Vegetable Pot au Feu:
    • 01

      Add some prepared Kayanoya Original Dashi Stock to a sauce pan heat to boil.

    • 02

      Peel and dice daikon radish and turnips in even short and long strips, add to boiling dashi, add more dashi if needed.

    • 03

      Prepare broccoli rabe by cutting off ends and florets, then slicing stems long ways, add to boiling dashi.

    • 04

      Cook until just soft, set aside.

Prepare Chicken:
    • 05

      Stuff chicken cavity with chopped shiitake mushrooms.

    • 06

      Brush virgin olive oil onto chicken.

    • 07

      Sprinkle to coat liberal amount of Kayanoya Original Dashi Stock Powder (save a little bit for garnish) over chicken.

    • 08

      Cover with basil, rosemary, thyme (save a little bit for garnish) over skin and inside as well.

    • 09

      Place chicken in oven at 140°C / 285° F for 1 hour, (depending on weight) or until internal temperature is 73° C / 165° F.

Prepare Peas:
  • 10

    Blanch peas in boiling water and 2 table spoons of white miso, stir well 2 minutes, or less.

Finish plate:
  • 11

    Carve chicken and place over pot au feu vegetables with a few tablespoons of the dashi.

  • 12

    Spoon peas over chicken.

  • 13

    Garnish with water cress, basil, rosemary, thyme, and sprinkle some Kayanoya Original Dashi Stock Powder, serve.

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