Japanese-Style Pasta with Chicken and Mushrooms

Japanese-Style Pasta with Chicken and Mushrooms

Kayanoya Original Kelp Dashi Stock Powder is a perfect match for Japanese-style pasta.


2 Servings

  • Spaghetti 160 g

  • Chicken thigh 150 g

  • Mushrooms 100 g

  • Kayanoya Original Kelp Stock Powder (remove from 1 packet)

  • Soy sauce 1 teaspoon

  • Olive oil 2 tablespoons

  • Reserved pasta water 4 tablespoons

  • Shiso 6 leaves

  • Desired amount of shredded seaweed

  • 01

    Cut chicken thigh into bite-size pieces and sprinkle with salt. Cut mushrooms into quarters.

  • 02

    Prepare pasta separately (don't forget to save pasta water), and mix Kelp Stock Powder and soy sauce in a small bowl.

  • 03

    Heat a large saucepan with olive oil and saute chicken and mushrooms until completely cooked. Mix with prepared spaghetti, reserved pasta water, and Kelp Stock Powder with soy sauce.

  • 04

    Top with shredded shiso and seaweed to taste.

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