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We ship to 48 contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
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Please note that we are unable to reship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable.

Returns & Replacements

Please understand that we cannot accept the return of the goods.  

However, if you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact our Customer Support for assistance.
Please have following information when you contact us:

  • Order number
  • Date of arrival
  • Condition of item at time of arrival
  • Detailed explanation of the issue 
We will start order processing and shipping preparation at 9:00 AM (PST/PDT) during our business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

For cancellation assistance, please contact our Customer Support before 9:00 AM (PST/PDT) of the business day following the day your order was placed.

Please note that we cannot accept cancellation requests that come in after 9:00 AM (PST/PDT) of the business day following the day your order was placed.
Promo Codes/Promotions
All promo codes listed online and promotional pricing on our site are valid for online orders only and cannot be used at our retail locations, unless otherwise noted.
We offer gift wrapping for some products. You can select seasonal wrapping papers and message strips of your preference.
*Gift wrapping is available for gift boxes only.
*Design of wrapping paper will change each season.
*Please note that we do not offer the option of printing the sender’s name on the strip.
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Method of Payment

We accept payments via credit card (American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover), PayPal, and Amazon.

*Amazon Payments is available for accounts at Amazon's U.S. site ( Please note that you cannot use an account at the Japanese Amazon site (

*Amazon payments will not be possible if 1) you have accounts at both the U.S. Amazon site and the Japanese Amazon site; and 2) the email addresses and passwords for those accounts are the same. Please change the email address or passwords at one of the sites, then process payment at the U.S. site.
The payment amount is authorized and held by your financial institution at the time you place your order. Your account is actually charged when your order is ready for shipping.
For Customers Placing Orders from Japan
You cannot use the account you have with the Japanese Kubara Honke Online Shop (
When placing orders, please enter your BILLING INFORMATION (Japanese address) in English.


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The stock powder becomes solid with moisture. Should I store it in a storage container? Please keep dashi packets inside the aluminum outer bag. Press the bag to remove the air inside, and close it tightly to avoid aeration.

Should I store the product in the refrigerator? Storing the product in the refrigirator causes the stock powder to absorb moist and odor. Please keep it inside the aluminum outer bag and store under room temperature.

I usually tear open the packet when using the product and sometimes have some leftover. Can I take the stock powder out from the packet and store it in a storage container? Taking the stock powder out of the packets and storing it in a container causes the powder to get damp. Instead, fold the edge of the packet, place it in an airtight container along with a desiccant, and use it as soon as possible.

I am not sure when to put the product into water. Should I place it before I start boiling water, or after I bring it to a boil? Please put the packet(s) into water before you start boiling. After bringing it to a boil, please continue boiling for 1-2 minutes (4-5 minutes for "Kayanoya Original Vegetable Stock Powder" and "Light in Sodium Kayanoya Vegetable Stock Powder") so that its rich flavor is fully extracted.

Can I tear open the packet, and use the stock powder inside for simmered dishes or miso soup? You can also enjoy the savory flavor of dashi by tearing open the packet, as all the ingredients in dashi are ground up whole.

The stock powder becomes solid with moisture when I sprinkle it over a heating pan. How can I avoid this? For soups or simmered dishes, please place the stock powder before heating the pan. For stir-fried dishes, please sprinkle the powder after reducing heat and lessening steam, or take the powder out onto a plate first and then sprinkle it from the plate.