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Kayanoya believes that truly great food is born from the connection between the bounty of nature that provides it and the care taken to choose and prepare it.

When we nurture a single seedling, and show it gratitude and respect, we build a world in which we are repaid by exquisite tastes and goodness.

As every season flows past, bringing the delight of fresh experiences to every corner of Japan, we celebrate this connection anew.

Cuisine has the wondrous ability to spread happiness because it is infused not only with the life of its ingredients, but with the loving energy with which it was created.

Through new dishes and new flavors that repay the time and effort taken to make them, may we savor a life filled with natural richness and serve a little joy to you.

From the heart of Kayanoya

In 1893, a small soy sauce brewery opened in the Japanese village of Kubara, Fukuoka prefecture. Great seasonings remain the heart of what we do.

From Kayanoya to the home

Increasingly, our visitors told us they really want to be able to reproduce our cuisine in their home. The Kayanoya series of seasonings are intended to reconnect people with the joy of delicious fresh food, made without any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Good food begins with the right ingredients

We start by selecting our ingredients carefully. We visit producers across Japan personally, and choose the very best. Then we find ways to bring out the rich flavors and essence of each one.

The seasons on your table

We incorporate fresh ingredients that reflect the current season, reproducing the authentic tastes of Japan.

Tradition for the future

To ensure we continue to pass down the traditions of great cuisine, we strive to protect the techniques of skilled craftspeople. It is their expertise and care that makes Kayanoya products special.